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Location Pattaya (312)
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Immobilier commercial
Immobilier commercial (33)


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Location -

Immobilier commercial
Chiang Mai, Saraphi
97. หมู่4 ต.ป่าบง อ.สารภี จ.เชียงใหม่
Terrain d`une superficie de 60 Wah   ( 1 Wah = 4 m² )

Prix de location
8 500 THB/mois
8 000 THB/mois année
Updated 29-5-2017

House to rent in peaceful rural
location yet only 10 minutes drive to
Chiang Mai City Centre. it takes only
15 minutes from the resort to the
airport, train and bus station. Many
tourist attractions within a short
distance. Raft riding, elephant riding,
massive zoo and one of the best
safari parks in the world. The
property has air conditioning and can
accommodate a maximum of 2
people. the house is surrounded by
fruit trees and rice fields to the rear
and the area is lawned and well
maintained gardens. The property is
in a gated resort which gives extra
security. We can rent you cycles,
motor cycles or even a car. Enjoy our
traditional Thai breakfast. We can
rent this property for short or long
term at very competitive prices. If you
want that peaceful location then you
will love it here. **** To stay up to two
tenants no have children and
pets.***** บ้านพักสวย เงียบสงบ
ต้องการผู้เข้าพักเป็น ชาวไทยและต่าง
ประเทศ ไม่เกิน 2 คนต่อห้องไม่มีสัตว์เลี้ยง
ทุก ชนิด

 Location Chiang Mai Saraphi  Location Chiang Mai Saraphi  Location Chiang Mai Saraphi  Location Chiang Mai Saraphi  Location Chiang Mai Saraphi  Location Chiang Mai Saraphi  Location Chiang Mai Saraphi
 Location Chiang Mai Saraphi

Chiang Mai
Vendeur:  0899991029  08999795110871931177 ภัทรพรรณ มะธุ
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Arcadia Beach Resort Pattaya
Arcadia Beach Resort Pattaya

Location Chiang Mai Saraphi: Immobilier commercial; Prix de location - 8 500 THB/mois
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